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  • Paper free efficient administration system
  • Save time with on-site inspections on any mobile device
  • Safe and secure cloud based storage
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We take the hassle out of Building Regulation Compliance with our New and Innovative Administration and Inspection software for Assigned Certifiers

Testimonial"In my role as an architect I am constantly trying to improve the quality of service for my clients. Cost effectiveness is important. It is my experience that the final stage of a project is the most time consuming yet essential in achieving a quality product

I believe this application provided by BCR Comply can save time with inspections, recording, sharing and storing information. If following an inspection we can return to the office knowing that all the information collected on site has been stored, recorded and fully accessible to all the stakeholders, that will be reassuring and also free up time for other aspects of our work.

I am looking forward to using the product on projects and believe it will be beneficial and save a significant amount of time."
Colin Bell - MRIAI

Who is BCR Comply For?

Our software is designed specifically for Construction Inspection Professionals

The Assigned Certifier

Assigned Certifiers, who carry Inspections, Surveys and Checklists, will be using the app on their mobile device. Carrying out their processes paper free will allow them to work more efficiently on the go!


Our Administration system will save you time, money and resources! Our system securely stores all your information & automatically generates reports following on from the surveys, checklists and inspections carried out. 

Regulation Compliance

Building owners undertaking new building works to which BCAR 2104 applies must employ a Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier. Let our system help you stay compliant

Why BCR Comply?

We design customised apps for all industry types! Take your inspections, surveys and checklists paper free with our system

Secure storage of all your project information, inspections, documents, contacts and communications on our secure servers. 

Our app allows you to carry out on site inspections on any mobile device and synchronize with the project administration system where your report is automatically created.

No more long hours writing up reports - your inspection reports are automatically generated in the administration dashboard. You can view, edit and share with stakeholders. 

Your contacts & communication activities are stored within the folder for each project. Making it easy to share information quickly and securely.

Building plans, specifications, documents and other compliance documentation for each project is securely stored in our administration system. This information can also be shared to other stakeholders when needed. 

Built in calendar allows you to schedule all your inspections, information requests and deadlines. You can also set up reminders for activites and monitor progress. 

The Building Regulation and Building Control Regulation information that you require is contained within our system - never go searching for the information again!

Our system works alongside the Building Control Management System (BCMS) allowing you to keep all your Building Regulation and Building Control documentation in digital format.

All your information, drawings, inspections and other documentation are stored on our secure servers. Our servers are regularly backed up and we store your documentation securely for the 6 year period required under the new regulation.

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BCR Comply
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