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BCR Blog | 5 Architects choose in open house

Date added: 03-10-2016

The Architects pick of open houses

BCR Blog | The Experts Advice

Date added: 07-09-2016

In a market where houses for trader-uppers and downsizers are in short supply, where savings on deposit are earning little or no interest,and Mortgagees are difficult to purchase from banks,many homeowners in search of a little more elbow room are choosing to stay put and invest in renovating instead.

BCR Blog | Apartment Defects

Date added: 22-08-2016

Dublin Apartment Complex Defects

BCR Blog | MR Breen Visits BCR Comply

Date added: 04-08-2016

Visit from Minister Pat Breen

BCR Blog | Review By Mark Stephens

Date added: 02-06-2016

Great to See a Review by Mark Stephens about our Cloud Based Software Administration Software System Designed to Eliminate time and Costs with all your Building Regulation Compliance Requirements.

BCR Blog| We Welcome Jennings O' Donovan

Date added: 08-06-2015

International Engineering Consultancy Firm signs up to Building Control

BCR Blog|Entrepreneurial Exchange

Date added: 09-12-2014

Thanks to the Entrepreneur Exchange team

BCR Blog | Launch of

Date added: 06-08-2014 Launches its new and innovative cloud based administration and inspection software system for Design Certifiers and Assigned Certifiers

BCR Blog | Reducing the burden at Commencement Notice – Testing the system

Date added: 29-07-2014

Building Control works before and after commencement notice lodgement on the Government building control management system (BCMS).

BCR Blog | Planning Permission - Still too low

Date added: 30-06-2014

Applications for and granting of planning permission still way below what is required for sustainable building construction industry.

BCR Blog | Building Regulation made easy

Date added: 24-06-2014

We take the hassle out of building regulation compliance.

BCR Blog | Architects and the New Building Control Regulations

Date added: 14-05-2014

Architects and the New Building Control Regulations in Ireland in 2014

BCR Blog | Building Control System - a change required

Date added: 12-12-2013

Phil Hogan, Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government decided to strengthen the Building Control System in Ireland

Backdrop - research and legislation

Date added: 12-12-2013

Current secondary legislation governing building control in the public and private sector in Ireland has been in force since 1998 and applies to new buildings, extensions, material alterations and changes of use of buildings in commercial and residential property

BCR Blog | Building Control - New Regulations announced

Date added: 12-12-2013

A list of some of the key points in the latest regulations from the Irish Government.

BCR Blog | New commencement notice requirements

Date added: 12-12-2013

A new form of commencement notice is to be submitted by the owner to the local building control authority noting project particulars and builder/designer details, together with the following documents

BCR Blog | Certificates of compliance (design)

Date added: 12-12-2013

The Regulations highlight the role of architects, engineers, building surveyors, builders and clients regarding the certificates of compliance as part of the overall building control regulatory regime.

BCR Blog | Assigned certifiers

Date added: 12-12-2013

An assigned certifier (a professional such as a chartered engineer, building surveyor or registered architect), will be appointed by the owner, using the statutory form of appointment in the Regulations...

BCR Blog | Certificate of compliance on completion

Date added: 12-12-2013

On completion of the project, the assigned certifier and the builder will each certify on different parts of the certificate of compliance that a finished building complies with the requirements of the Regulations

BCR Blog | Register of building control activities

Date added: 12-12-2013

Building control authorities will be required to enter on a statutory public register of building control activities, details of certificates of compliance on completion and certifier details.

BCR Blog | Building control authority roles

Date added: 12-12-2013

It is intended that building control authorities will concentrate on applying a risk-based approach to inspection and compliance checking, having regard to the information...

BCR Blog | Responsibilities for owners of public and private sector property

Date added: 12-12-2013

Owners should be made aware that they will need to appoint the designer, builder and assigned certifier in accordance with the mandatory regime.

BCR Blog | RIAI welcomes Building Control

Date added: 03-12-2013

The RIAI has welcomed the newly amended Building Control Regulations

BCR Blog | All change

Date added: 01-12-2013

New Building Control Regulations 2013

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