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We take care of all your project information, inspections, communications, contacts, documents, drawings and specifications within our paper-free system. Never search for a document again as all documentation is stored in app and dashboard

Inspections, Checklists & Surveys

We design apps that allow you to take your inspections, checklists and surveys paper free! Freeing up time, resources and fully customisable to your industry and company requirements


Access your project information from anywhere. Save time and energy as your inspection or survey reports are automatically generated and can be accesed or sent to colleages at the touch of a button!

Dashboard Management

Manage projects and contacts from your dashboard. You create each Project and Contact information from the dashboard allowing you to quickly access projects.

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Create the project I.D. in this section including importing image of project and inserting location of project on google maps. Key project I.D is the planning reference number.
Import all project contacts from the user dashboard area allowing you to communicate with all stakeholders from within the system.
All your on-site inspections are synched from mobile device and formatted in the inspection section of the software and can be edited and forwarded by e mail to any contact.
All your communications with contacts in regard to each project is recorded and saved including time and date.
Import drawings specifications, calculations, certificates and reports in relation to each project and administer these documents from this section of the project.
Create your Ancillary Certificates from our templates including filling out certificate information and saving as pdf for forwarding for completion to consultant/subcontractor
Template for your Inspection Notification Framework for filling in as web form and saving as pdf for forwarding to client/builder for completion.
Interactive web form for completion as project proceeds and tracks Building Regulation compliance with each section of Technical Guidance Documents.
Direct link to your login section of the Government Building Control Management Systems commencement notice on line lodgement system from within your project.
Our inbuilt calendar allows you to schedule all your inspections and requests for certificates and information, calendar displays scheduling for all projects on one interface.
You may store extra photos, documents and other items in relation to each project and the gallery section facilitates this option.

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