Building Control Register


We know you have these problems

  • We have extra documentation and certificates to be submitted to the local authority
  • We have extra work as administrators
  • We have extra paperwork to process and store
  • We have extra documentation to distribute to have signed
  • We have extra work with on-site inspections and follow up reports
  • We have extra communications to process with the stakeholders
  • We have extra records to store

How Building Control Register Works

Electronic submission of commencement notices and certificates

Online Submission

Submit commencement notices and certificates to Local Authority on-line via the BCMS

Submit drawings, specifications and calculations in relation to each project on-line

Submit completion certificates, as built drawings, specification and calculations for each project on-line

Inspection notification framework and ancillary certificates administered and stored within the system

Geo -tagging of project location on digital map interface

Mobile On-Site Inspection


Inspection notification framework (INF) templates contained within the system tailored to each project size to notify the client and builder and other stakeholders of site inspection stages and notifications required at project commencement stage.

Software solution to allow on- site inspections to be carried out on mobile device (I pad etc.) eliminating the requirement for drawings and clipboards.

Software contains all the necessary templates to record the various stages of inspections and contains templates to suit all project sizes.

Software creates reports in relation to each inspection and if on line will lodge report within administration system for storage and distribution to stakeholders. If off- line will connect with administration system once connection becomes available.

On site pictures recorded by software and  stored  in administration system.


Administration System

Provide a secure facility to record and manage all documentation in relation to each project.

The senior administrator within each organisation has overall access to each project information with administrators within the organisation access only to projects they are directly involved in.

Store and process commencement notices and certificates for each project within the system.

Store and process all drawings, specifications, calculations and ancillary certificates within the system.

Manage and record all communications with the stakeholders providing an audit trail of dates, times, people involved and copies of the communications stored in the system.

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